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Move from Texas to California

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Moving from Dallas or Houston to the Los Angeles area or San Francisco have become some of the most popular city to city moves over the last decade.  Southern California enjoys nice weather almost year round, and Northern California has a more diverse climate and is home to many natural wonders like the Redwood Forest and Lake Tahoe.


California has a high cost of living but it also offers some great, unique opportunities as well. California is home to a large part of the film and television industries in Hollywood, home to a large part of the tech industry, including Google and Apple, in the San Francisco bay area, and home to agriculture including the famous Napa Valley vineyards.  There are plenty of employment opportunities in California no matter what field you would like to work in.


There are many routes from Texas to California but the main one is Interstate 40 which goes from North Texas through New Mexico and Arizona to Southern California.  No matter the route you take we can help you get prepared for your state to state move.


Check out our moving checklist and get free quotes for moving companies or auto transport to San Diego or anywhere in this great state. We can also help you find a place to live whether you need to find an apartment in Oakland or buy a new home near Los Angeles. Our services are here to make your move easier.


Moving to a new state requires specialized services, the expertise to manage many logistical needs, and a supportive network to safely, quickly, and efficiently get your possessions to their new destination.  You can get a customized moving quote in no time.


Simply enter some general information about your move, select which items need to be moved and get a moving estimate tailored for your specific needs. If you are planning a move from Texas to California then let us help plan your trip by filling out our simple forms for free estimates on your moving expenses from interstate and international moving companies. Saving money is only a few clicks away.

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