Yes, we will move you last minute.

We need to do it Monday through Friday.   It is pretty hard for us to get you a mover on Saturday or Sunday.
We have a lot of calls for last minute moves.  If you thought a regular move could get stressful, then try getting everything done in just a few days. As crazy as it may sound people are put in last minute move situations all the time. You’ll be tempted to just start throwing things in any container you can find, but resist that urge! Even though you only have a few days – or just a single day – putting together a plan of action first will help you get things done quickly and keep your sanity intact.

Take a few deep breaths. Ok, now let’s knock out your last minute move.

Last Minute Moving Checklist

When you have to make a move fast it’s more important than ever to keep organized and have a plan for how you’re going to tackle everything. Luckily, Square Cow Movers has experience moving within extremely tight deadlines and we’ve put together a list of to-dos for quick moves. We call these our Last Minute Moves.  Let us help you.  Get us involved quick.