Moving Containers

Moving Containers are also referred to as Moving Pods.

U-Pack offers nationwide, out-of-state moving services for those looking to avoid the costs of a full-service moving company while still maintaining some of the same convenience.

You don’t need to pay a deposit

U-Pack doesn’t require you to pay a deposit when you schedule your move. Even though it asks for your card information when you confirm your reservation, you won’t be charged until after U-Pack picks up your Cube or moving trailer.

Other companies require you to pay for your entire reservation up front or make you put a certain amount down before they will deliver the containers to your home.

Skipping the deposit allows you to free up a little bit of cash for more immediate moving needs—like paying for all of that take-out since you’ve packed up all of your pots and pans.

You pay for only the space you need—no refunds required

When you confirm your reservation with U-Pack online, you’ll see how many ReloCubes it will deliver or an estimate of how many linear feet of trailer space you’ll need.

Lucky for you, you’re not held to these original estimates when it’s time to pay.

Let’s say U-Pack delivers four ReloCubes to your home and you use only three (all those years of playing Johnson finally paid off). Even though your original quote was for four ReloCubes, you would be responsible for paying for only the three you used.

The same applies if you use one of U-Pack’s moving trailers. If you were quoted fifteen feet and you use twelve, U-Pack charges you for only twelve feet once its driver comes to pick up your trailer.

If you need more trailer space than what you were originally quoted, U-Pack simply multiplies the extra space you use by your quoted cost per linear foot, so you can easily calculate your final cost before the driver comes to pick up your trailer.

The best part of all of this is that you’ll never have to wait for a refund to reimburse you for space that you don’t use. Since U-Pack doesn’t require a deposit and doesn’t charge you for your move up front, you pay for only what you use once U-Pack’s driver comes to pick up your belongings.

 You aren’t forced to pay for storage

U-Pack doesn’t include storage in its moving quotes. While some may enjoy how other companies include thirty days of storage in your quote, we like how U-Pack doesn’t force you to pay for storage you may not need.

You can always add storage to your quote if you’d like, but if you don’t need the storage time or more than three days to pack up your container, then you can save your money.

 U-Pack is available nationally

No matter what state you live in, U-Pack can help you complete your long-distance move. In fact, U-Pack is one of only two moving storage container companies on our list that’s available in all fifty states.

U-Pack is also available in Puerto Rico and parts of Canada, in case your long-distance move requires you to exit the continental United States.

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