How to hire moving help.

If you want to keep moving costs low, choosing a do-it-yourself moving company is a great way to go. However, you might be concerned about doing all the work yourself. That’s where hiring good moving labor comes in. You can pair the affordable DIY service with hourly labor and likely still come in below the cost of traditional movers. Let’s go over some tips for finding reliable moving assistance, how to best utilize them on loading day, and some tips for prepping your house for the movers.

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Whether you require help for your entire move or just handling the bulky items, hiring hourly moving labor is a very good idea. But how do you find experienced help? You can ask your friends for suggestions or turn to online classifieds, but there is no guarantee that either of those groups will be experienced enough to give knowledgeable advice.

Your best bet is to ask your moving company for recommendations. When you book a Help Packing mover, we can refer you to experienced moving labor through our network of moving crews throughout the country. These are movers who are available for customer-directed labor, which means that while they’re experienced in all areas of moving, they are there to do whatever you need them to do. You’re basically their supervisor for the day. Need help moving the big stuff? Just show them what you want and they’re off! They can do light disassembly of furniture and carry and load/unload your belongings.