We start with exactly what you need to move your business.

Moving Companys’ has a value rich solution for small corporate relocations.

A big challenge in corporate relocation is determining how to get small moves the attention and service they deserve. College new hires, interns and managers on temporary assignment, minimalists, they all deserve to be treated like they are going to be the next CEO. Traditional van lines use small shipments to fill in around their key loads. Shouldn’t every transferee be the key load, regardless of the size of their shipment or its price?

Welcome to our Corporate Relocation difference. Our business relocation services start with exactly what your transferee has to move. No minimum weight or minimum charge – our price is based on the weight of what’s being shipped. Our corporate movers design small local or long distance moves through thoughtful interaction with the transferee. We help employees select from a menu that includes full packing and preparation services as well as self-packing options, appliance servicing, auto transportation and temporary moving storage. Our corporate movers will help your employee plan a move that complies with your relocation policy and works within your budget.

Mover Company’s business relocation services ensure that each transferee has a single point of contact to manage their entire move. Our transit times range from 2 to 12 days depending on the distance of the move. Our corporate movers arrange convenient pickup and delivery dates, for both our small local or long distance moves. In addition, our corporate movers have a spectacularly low claims rate, provide a guaranteed price quote for clear decisions and easy audit of our invoice, and deliver predictable services at a price that competes with full service van lines as well as do-it-yourself move options.

Doesn’t sound like we’re describing a fill-in shipment, right? This is a corporate MiniMove. Small local and long distance moves are what we do, not what fills in around what else we do. Contact MiniMoves to tell us about your relocation challenges and learn more about MiniMoves employee relocation services.

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