This Is Why Moving Is So Stressful

Have you ever gone through the difficult task of moving your home or office? Did you feel alone and unsupported during it? There’s no doubt that moving houses is a process full of confusing mixed emotions. On the bright side, it’s a new beginning and the start of a new chapter in life. On the other hand, the whole experience causes so much anxiety and fear of the upcoming challenges ahead. There’s a big change involved and it's completely normal to feel uneasy during the process.


Apart from change, there’s unfamiliarity, no set routine, and different people around you which is enough to drive you crazy. Moving into a new home means adjusting to a new set of norms, communicating with different people, and the struggle of finding happiness. In fact, in a recent poll nearly two-thirds of the people agreed that moving is the most stressful thing to do and even beats getting a divorce or even starting a new job in the stress list. With so much difficulty, Moving Direct is here to make your troubles a thousand times easier by moving your precious household items to your new destination!

Why Is Moving So Stressful?

● A huge change

Moving is a huge step and all the emotions might be overwhelming. The thought of adjusting to new areas, a new society, new ways, and different surroundings brings pressure and anxiety. This emotional stress alongside physical stress is what makes moving such a hard task.

● The packing showdown

No matter how easy people might assume packing to be, it’s a total nightmare! Whenever you try to get the job done, it always seems never-ending. There are so many things that have to kept in mind while doing your packing like labeling each box correctly, keeping all the fragile items tightly packed and safe, and most importantly, not to leave any essentials behind!

● The problem with some movers
Many moving companies don’t cater to all your needs or their limited resources don’t allow them to do so. Some of the moving companies aren’t equipped enough to transport delicate and fragile items like furniture, wine glasses, instruments, glass cutlery, or artwork. This adds so much stress on the person moving houses because then other transportation arrangements have to be made at the last minute.

● Limited time and second-guessing
Even if you start your moving preparations early, you will always feel like time is running out in the end. It’s normal and its completely okay! But it does add to your stress levels because there’s so much going on at once and it takes a toll on you. Since moving houses requires a lot of decision making and money, there’s usually second-guessing involved. People might doubt their choices and overthinking can become a little overbearing at times.


How to Cope Up with Stress Like a Pro

● Do the necessary research
With so many changes happening at once, it is even worse if you head into an unknown tunnel. This is why its important to do prior research on your part before you move or take such a giant step! Find out about what your new dream location looks like, the best roads to take, figure out your convenience by finding the nearest grocery stores, restaurants, and other important things related to your new home. Now that you have to knowledge and research, don’t go where the shine is because all that glitters isn’t gold. Dive deep into research and do more than just judging your new home from the outside. If you have an idea about your future home, you will be able to think straight and control your stress.

● Contact the right services
Since so many moving companies and movers have different approaches and services, ease up on yourself by contacting the right person for the job. It is a good idea to ask around, look up reviews online, and get quotes from companies and then compare them to make the right choice. After all, you don’t want to end up finding other transportation agencies on the last and add to your stress. One such moving company to count on is Moving Direct which will always try to fulfill your expectations.

● Make a checklist
Make sure not to leave anything for the last minute. This last-minute crunch time is only for emergencies. It’s a great idea to stay ahead of time by coming up with a schedule. Be realistic! Don’t cramp up so many things for one day that the schedule becomes impossible to follow. A checklist is a smart thing to carry with you during such hectic times. Break down your work into steps or divide them into days so that you don’t get worked up and the anxiety becomes low on the final day. Another way is to call you moving company to request their help with packing. It might turn out to be costly, but you’ll get your work done in time.

How to make the Final Moving Day Calm

● Leave Enough Time for Yourself
Where are the keys? Did the movers reach the house? Are the glasses broken? One trouble that always keeps you worried when moving houses is less time. You should give yourself enough time to get things done on the last day. This can only be done if you think things through and start as early as possible. The earlier you start, the more things you can cut out from your checklist. Don’t get lazy and ruin your BIG day by depriving yourself of sleep at night because you have to get leftover things done. Keep the checklist that you made earlier in your hand and confirm if you’ve crossed out everything from the list.

● Manage your routine

Moving out is an extremely hard business to take care of and it won’t do you any good if you put your health on the line for it. For this Big Day in your life, it's important to be prepared, be happy, and be ready for the life ahead. Sometimes it might seem like the perfect option to sacrifice your precious sleep routine just to get more work done during the night. Try to avoid this habit as much as you can! Not getting enough sleep will ruin the whole experience of your awaited day for you. You’ll get cranky, annoyed, and stressed out easily and won’t be able to enjoy this happy day of your life. Don’t starve yourself because you’re stressed! Eat well, manage your diet so that you’re ready to face what’s ahead of you.

● Take out some ‘me time’

With so much tension in the air already and nerves driving you nuts, take comfort in the little things in life by doing what you love. Take out some time to relax and breathe. Surround yourself with nature or listen to music that you love, have a great time! Sit down to read your favorite book or play games to soothe your mind. Even better, gather your support system; friends are the best way to get some comfort when you’re feeling stressed out. Have a cup of coffee and spend time with your loved ones and invite your friends to help get some work done. You’ve got this!

● Stay positive throughout

Don’t waste your time thinking about the ‘what-ifs’. Stay positive about the change you are about to go through. Stay optimistic and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Think about how lovely the change would be, how it is exciting to live in a completely new home, the opportunity to correct mistakes, and to make many new friends. If you feel positive, you’ll realize the beauty and happiness behind this whole experience. A fresh start is the best start! Even though this whole experience might come out to be overwhelming, time-consuming, and energy-consuming, there’s always a silver lining to things that might seem challenges in the beginning. An example of silver lining is Moving Direct, the perfect moving company which can help relieve all your stress! Say goodbye to stress by staying positive, having the right approach, and managing time efficiently. You can pull it off!

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